Product Review: UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

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UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

The UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker is a portable bluetooth speaker with built in microphone, FM radio tuner and auxiliary line in.

The retro appearance of the speaker, with a pressed leather exterior and polished metal brackets, make this speaker look exceptionally stylish and allow it to fit the decor of any home. The sound quality of the speaker itself is pretty decent and on-par with a lot of other portable bluetooth speakers. There is a built in subwoofer to balance out a small amount of the low-end frequency range that normally goes missing in this small of a speaker, which fills out enough of the bass spectrum to make the audio less tinny-sounding without overpowering everything with bass like a lot of other brands do.

The FM radio built in to the speaker allows you to scan for stations in your local area and listen to them using the speaker, making it double as a portable radio. The scanning itself is a little erratic and I had to scan multiple times to find stations that I wanted to listen to, however, using the provided remote control, you can simply enter the radio frequency and have it switch over immediately, which eliminates all of the headache associated with repeated frequency scans. The radio picks up fairly clearly despite not having any form of external antenna.

Bluetooth mode is also pretty easy to use. When the speaker is placed in bluetooth mode, it automatically goes into pairing mode for your phone or other device to connect to it. Connecting is free of any pin codes or device passwords, which make for a painless pairing procedure. The manual does say to look for “product-hotncold” in your device list, where my phone simply showed “Uzopi”, so that was a little bit confusing, but probably just a matter of needing to update the manual on Uzopi’s part. The bluetooth range is fairly decent and I was able to get a clear signal from about 40 feet (12 meters) away without any static or breakup of signal.

The line-in mode works as though the speaker was a headphone device and with the built in microphone, you can actually use this bluetooth speaker as a speakerphone module for your smartphone, or to use the voice activated features of your phone, tablet or other media device, which gives it even more useful features.

In addition to all that, you’re also able to use a micro-SD card or external USB storage device to play MP3s on the speaker, which makes it fill pretty much every role you want from a bluetooth speaker like this. If you’re looking for a full-featured portable bluetooth speaker with good quality sound and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, I would highly recommend the UZOPI Surround Stereo Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can buy it on for the current price of $22.99 by clicking here:

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