Product Review: Leewin Hospital Beanie Hat 3-Pack

Leewin Hospital Beanie Hat 3-Pack

Leewin Hospital Beanie Hat 3-Pack

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Leewin Hospital Beanie Hat 3-Pack

Leewin Hospital Beanie Hat 3-Pack

The Leewin Hospital Beanie Hat 3-Pack is a pack of three cotton and nylon silkscreen printed hospital-style baby beanies for newborns to babies 3 months of age.

Aside from being exceptionally cute– which, these things are totally super cute, in a sugary anime squeal-with-excitement kind of way– the Leewin Hospital Beanie Hats are incredibly soft cotton. The seams are all double-threaded, cross stitched seams to prevent seam separation or tearing over time, which should easily make them last for the 2 – 3 months that they’ll be able to fit your baby.

The beanies are designed to fit a head that is 5 1/2 inches (14 centimeters) around, with a maximum stretch of another 1 – 2 inches (2.5 – 5 centimeters) beyond that, so they should easily be able to grow with your baby during its first few months and potentially even longer than that.

The three pack comes with one beanie of each color; pink, yellow and blue. Each beanie features the same smiling nondescript (it says, “bear”, but I’m not so sure) animal face printed on it and a pair of small rounded stitched ears, which should make for a pretty cute little baby head.

The cotton itself is warm, but breathable. It probably wouldn’t be the warmest thing for your baby in the middle of winter, but any other time of the year, I think they would get the job done without being too hot, or too cold. For a three pack of baby beanies under $10, you really can’t beat the quality and cuteness you’re getting here.

If you want to get a pack for your own baby, you can order them on for the current asking price of $7.99 by clicking here:


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