Product Review: Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

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Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

The Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor is a wireless, 2.4GHz audio/video baby monitor with two-way microphone and tons of features.

First and foremost, this thing is a super high tech wireless baby monitor with two-way audio, which pretty much makes it James Bond Spy Gear Level: Parenting. The camera has daytime and night vision modes, with temperature monitoring. The audio can be ran in passive listening mode, or active two-way communications mode… you know, so you can talk to your baby from the other room, probably to make them think that ghosts are haunting their nursery, or whatever the abstract naive baby version of that scenario plays out to be.

The camera needs to be plugged into the wall outlet to run, but the receiver/screen side can be ran via the rechargeable built-in battery. It’s got a fairly good range on it. I tested it to about 30 meters, which is right around 98 1/2 feet, without any signal degradation or loss of connection to the camera. Additionally, the camera can be zoomed, panned and scanned from the monitor side with the press of a button, which makes the video features even cooler.

There are also a fair number of built in alarms and lullaby songs, which can either be used to torment your baby into hating the sound of alarms, or to lull them to sleep using various well known songs, such as; “The One With Bells”, “The Other One With Bells”, “The Xylophone One” and “Hey Look, Both Bells and Xylophone”… plus even more!

Really though, this thing is super cool and I fully support any device that can prevent people from having to be those weird and creepy helicopter parents that sit there and watch their children sleep. So, if you would rather watch your children sleep from a safe distance away, preferably while pooping with the door closed (because, let’s face it, that’s a luxury now), I would highly recommend the Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, you can find it on for the current price of $85.99 by clicking here:


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