Product Review: GHB Baby Girl Pacifier Clips 4 Pack

GHB Baby Girl Pacifier Clips 4 Pack

GHB Baby Girl Pacifier Clips 4 Pack

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GHB Baby Girl Pacifier Clips 4 Pack

GHB Baby Girl Pacifier Clips 4 Pack

The GHB Baby Girl Pacifier Clips 4 Pack is a pack of four polyester/nylon printed pacifier clips with metal locking clasps and fun printed patterns.

The real selling feature of these pacifier clips is the locking metal clasp. Unlike other brands that use flimsy metal, or plastic clasps, these clasps are strong, heavy-duty metal clasps that won’t break with repeated usage, or come undone once they’ve been clipped onto your baby’s clothing. The straps themselves are made of a stain resistant polyester fabric, with polyester and nylon double-stitched seams. The fact that these are stain resistant means that you won’t likely need to wash them too often, which is a huge bonus for any new parent, considering your days seem to already be losing available hours since that little fleshy gem of a screamer was born. Being able to keep your baby’s pacifier attached to them means that you’re not going to be frantically searching for a way to plug their cry-hole at 3am when you’re woken up from the fifteen minutes of sleep you’ve gotten in the past three days and they’re screaming like a ghoulish siren trying to draw a dutch sailing vessel into the nearby rocks of the sound. I don’t think I have to point out how important that really is… but I will anyway. It’s super important.

The clips come in four different styles; dots, zig-zag lines, hearts and stars. I’m not entirely sure what makes these “girl” pacifier clips, considering they seem pretty gender neutral to me, but really, who am I to tell a company how they should or shouldn’t market a product?

If you want to get a set for your own baby, you can order them on for the current price of $10.99 by clicking here:


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