Product Review: Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger

Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger

Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger

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Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger

Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger

The Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger is a standalone desktop charging hub, with six 2.4amp 50W USB Type-A smart charging ports.

The first thing I noticed with this is that the Amazon product details as well as the product title refer to this as a 60w charger, but printed on the actual hub itself, is an indicator that there is only 50W of output. I think it’s actually a misprint on the device however, because my iPad Air is able to actively charge on this desktop hub while playing games or videos, which it wouldn’t be able to do if it was only 50W.

As for the amperage output of the charger, there are 6 ports regulated at 2.4amp each, with a total of 12 amps, which means, if all 6 ports are in use and charging with a full 2.4amp draw, you’re actually only outputting 2.0amps per port due to smart switching preventing an overload of the ports. Good for your devices longevity, but bad for advertising. That’s not really much of an issue though. I was able to charge an iPad Air (1st Gen), my Huawei Honor X5 smartphone, a Playstation Gold Wireless Headset and two Dualshock 4 PS4 controllers all at the same time, while watching Netflix on my iPad, so really, there is no real worry of underperformance when it comes to this thing.

If you’re like me and you have a half-dozen devices to plug in on your nightstand every night, I would highly recommend the Werleo 60W 12A 6 Port USB Hub Charger as a solid tool to organize (and charge) your pile of devices.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can order one on for the current price of $24.95 by clicking here:

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