Product Review: Marvo G3 Huge Mouse Mat

Marvo G3 Huge Mouse Mat

Marvo G3 Huge Mouse Mat

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Marvo G3 Huge Mouse Mat

Marvo G3 Huge Mouse Mat

The Marvo G3 Huge Mouse Mat is an ultra-wide gaming mouse mat made of a waterproof fabric coating and anti-slip rubber backing.

First and foremost, let me say that this thing is huge. In order to properly review it, I had to create a new scale to denote the size of this mouse mat properly. I call it the “i-scale”, which is as simple as it sounds. Essentially, it’s just a matter of how many i’s should be put into the word “wide” in order to properly denote exactly how wide this mouse mat is. The verdict is in boys and girls, this is a 36-i Wide mouse mat. That’s wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. At 27.6 inches (70 centimeters) wide, it’s actually large enough to fit my mouse and keyboard comfortably with a little bit of extra room to play around with. In the attached pictures, I included a shot with a standard mousepad (the blue thing) sitting on top of this mouse mat just to give a solid comparison of the size difference.

As for the actual functionality of the mouse mat itself, my optical mouse works wonderfully on this mouse mat. It does actually stay in place on the table fairly well without any slippage or sliding around, so as far as the advertised features go, it’s rock solid. Is it waterproof? Not entirely. It’s extremely water resistant though, so if you’re quick enough to clean up after a spill, you shouldn’t have any issues.

This is a mouse mat that doubles as a tablecloth for your gaming workstation… either that, or it’s designed entirely for people who turn their mouse sensitivity down extremely low so that they can feel like they’re pitching from the mound in a major league baseball game whenever they have to click an icon on the far corners of their desktop. I’m not entirely sure which it is yet.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can grab it on for the current price of $12.99 by clicking here:

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