Product Review: Weekend Shopper Canvas Backpack

Weekend Shopper Canvas Backpack

Weekend Shopper Canvas Backpack

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Weekend Shopper Canvas Backpack

Weekend Shopper Canvas Backpack

The Weekend Shopper Canvas Backpack is an incredibly well crafted canvas and faux leather backpack that can be worn on the back, or as a messenger bag, depending on which straps you use.

The heavy duty zippers and thick double stitched seams give this backpack a feel of exceptional quality and durability. The fact that it can be worn in two different ways makes it an exceptionally flexible bag with a large amount of storage. The addition of handles on the outer frame make it easy to lift and carry when completely full and the number of available pockets for storage means you’ll be able to fill quite a bit into this bag.

The straps are lightly padded and attached using anodized aluminum clips which should withstand the test of time and be able to take a good amount of use and abuse without wearing out.

The inside of the bag features a padded laptop sleeve large enough to fit my 17 inch desktop-replacement laptop, which is surprising as it generally doesn’t tend to fit in most backpacks. The only real downside is that when wearing this bag in messenger bag style, it can be moderately difficult to access the laptop sleeve inside the bag.

Aside from that however, this bag seems to be exceptionally well crafted and durable, while also being aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, you can buy it on for the current price of $28.99 in a variety of color combinations by clicking here:


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