Product Review: Uni-Yeap UNI102 Portable Power Bank 11000mAh External Battery Charger

Uni-Yeap UNI102 11000 mAh Power Bank

Uni-Yeap UNI102 11000 mAh Power Bank

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Uni-Yeap UNI102 11000 mAh Power Bank

Uni-Yeap UNI102 11000 mAh Power Bank

The Uni-Yeap UNI102 11000 mAh Power Bank is a portable USB charger with a 5v 2.1 amp port and a 5v 1 amp port.

With a capacity of 11000 mAh, the UNI102 can be used to charge a standard cell phone or tablet up to 4.5 times before the battery needs to be recharged (based on a 2400 mAh phone battery capacity). Due to the large capacity of the battery, the size is a little on the large side of things, measuring 2.2 inches (5.5 centimeters) by 5.6 inches (14.1 centimeters). It weighs 8.11 ounces (330.1 grams) which makes it just over a half pound, so it’s not exactly super heavy, but definitely much heavier than smaller capacity external batteries.

The UNI102 includes a short 3 inch (7.5cm) USB Type A to micro-USB cable and an instruction manual in the packaging. The manual itself is basically just a diagram of the ports, so there isn’t really a lot of instructions required to use the battery. You can either plug a device into one of the USB Type A ports to charge, or you can charge the battery itself via the micro-USB port.

The copper colored aluminum casing, joined with the black rubber makes the UNI102 very closely resemble a Duracell battery, despite no apparent relation between the two companies.

As far as performance goes, this battery charges exceptionally well, with strong consistent power. Pressing the button near the charging ports allows you to see the charge level of the external battery as indicated by four very small white LEDs.

If you’re looking for a high capacity, no frills USB power bank, the UNI102 is definitely on the short list of high-quality products worth spending your money on.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can buy it on for the current price of $21.99 by clicking here:


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