Product Review: Leewin Baby Bandana 5-Pack

Leewin Baby Bandana Bibs 5-Pack

Leewin Baby Bandana Bibs 5-Pack

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Leewin Baby Bandana Bibs 5-Pack

Leewin Baby Bandana Bibs 5-Pack

The Leewin Baby Bandana 5-Pack is a pack of five assorted pattern machine washable cotton baby bandanas with plastic snap buttons.

The fabric itself feels like a moderately low thread count, similar to cheap bed sheets, but is otherwise soft and there are no textures or seam separations. The seaming is done with a cross stitched cotton thread that seems relatively resilient and should stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear. There are two different plastic buttons that can be used to secure the bandana as a bib for your baby, in two different tightness levels, which gives the bandana a good bit of flexibility to remain in your baby cleanliness arsenal for a good amount of time before your baby grows out of them. Once that occurs, I imagine they could still be used as moderately decent cleaning/burping cloths, or as a tool to wipe away the misery and anguish of a few hundred sleepless nights covered in baby vomit, drool and more poop than should be able to come out of something so small and delicate.

The plastic snap buttons are a little tight and moderately difficult to separate. When they do finally separate, it results in a loud, sharp snapping sound that will most assuredly surprise either yourself, or your child, so keep that little gem in mind when you’re taking them off.

All in all, I would say that the Leewin Baby Bandana 5-Pack is an excellent deal, with the current asking price of only $8.99, and other comparable products going for up-to double that amount, you’re really getting your monies worth when purchasing them.

If you want to get a pack of them for yourself, or your little monster at home, you can buy them on by clicking here:


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