Product Review: DMYCO 3D VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset

DMYCO 3D VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset

DMYCO 3D VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset

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DMYCO 3D VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset

DMYCO 3D VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset

The DMYCO 3D VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality Headset are a Virtual Reality headset with built-in headphones designed to allow you to run VR-enabled applications using an Android smartphone.

The headset is relatively lightweight, so it doesn’t feel exceptionally bulky. It’s made of padded, reinforced plastic and has adjustable elastic bands to keep the unit on your head. The built in headphones are moderately decent and connect to your phone via the stereo headphone jack, with the cable being on the left-hand side of the headset, you must put your phone in accordingly in order to connect the headphones.

The phone mount itself is a one-size-fits-most holder that is primarily designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5/6/7 series of phones. There are adjustment toggles on the headset for both pupillary distance as well as focal point/object distance in order for you to get a properly adjusted headset for your own comfort. The built in microphone allows for the use of voice activated features of your phone and any VR applications you may be using. Considering there is no controller with this headset, an external bluetooth controller would be required to play any games that do not have voice-activated controls. The headset also has a tinted plastic cover on the compartment your phone sits in, which unfortunately prevents you from using gesture-based applications while using the headset.

Without an external controller and being limited to voice-activated applications, I would have to say that the DMYCO 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset is an amazing piece of novelty technology, but how long that novelty lasts will vary from person to person.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, you can get one on for the current price of $45.99 by clicking here:

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